High quality equestrian equipment designed with the wellness of the horse in mind.

CUSTOM ORDERS welcome! Choose the kind of training equipment you like best and select the perfect colored braided bead / knot and customize to your liking. Customize equipment with your own design so you will never get your tack mixed up with others at the barn. 

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Iconoclast Orthopedic Support Boots

The entire line of Iconoclast Orthopedic Support and Rehabilitation Boots are revolutionizing the way support boots are being made and used today.

Blocker Tie Ring

Tie your horse safely with the Blocker Tie Ring whether you're tacking up, trailering or teaching a youngster to tie. The Blocker Tie Ring's unique design will keep you and your horse safe! 


Patented Hybrid Halters are used for training wordwide by top horse trainers. They combine the function of a traditional rope halter and a traditional flat nylon halter resulting in greater control, convenience & leverage

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Cribbing in Horses - How Environment Affects Stereotypic Behavior

Cribbing in Horses - How Environment Affects Stereotypic Behavior

-Cribbing in Horses- How Environment Affects Stereotypic Behavior Does the environment in which we keep horses affect whether or not a horse will d...
The Blocker Tie Ring is definitely the safest way to tie your horse. Can be used for crossties, wash racks, in and out of horse trailers and more.

Important Things to Remember When Tying Horses

Important Things to Remember When Tying Horses There are many factors to consider when tying a horse. It is important for many reasons to understan...
Iconoclast Support Boots Review by Lisa Simpanen of Natural Equine Connection

Iconoclast Orthopedic Support Boots Review

Before I recommend or add any new products to my online store I always use them on my own horses. After purchasing a pair of Iconoclast Equine Ort...