1/4" Horse Neck Rope / Cordeo

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1/4" Horse Neck Rope  / Cordeo
1/4" Horse Neck Rope  / Cordeo
Our Rope Horse Neck Ropes come with the option to add braid knot accents in your choice of color
Our custom Horse neck ropes come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are all made in Canada of the best marine rope on the market.
1/4" Horse Neck Rope  / Cordeo
1/4" Horse Neck Rope  / Cordeo
1/4" Horse Neck Rope  / Cordeo

Our 1/4" Horse Training Neck Ropes are the thinnest rope width that we offer. It is the same width as a rope halter. Great for bridleless, freestyle, and liberty training.

Our standard Neck Rope comes with a stainless steel ring with a braid knot accented rope tassel of your choice. The ring is very convenient to attach a lunging / training line for practicing Liberty. Options to add braided knot accents on neck rope. 

Please contact directly for custom orders and pricing. 


Neck Rope Sizing - It is recommended to measure your horse for perfect fit. The neck rope should not be too long, and lay along the V of the horse's neck up to the withers. You can also place a string or rope around your horse's neck and sit in the saddle and see and feel what length is best for you. Once you have your measurements you then have the option to add braided knots beads if you wish.

Extra Small 50", Small 54", Average Horse 57", Large / Warmblood 60", Extra Large / Draft Cross 64"

Shipping within 1 - 3 business days. Custom orders allow 7 -10 days.

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