Natural Foundation Horsemanship

What is Natural Foundation Horsemanship?

Natural foundation horsemanship are inherited horse training techniques that have been passed down by great horseman over the decades. Some of these legendary horsemen are Tom & Bill Dorrence, and Ray Hunt. They had a particularly strong influence on successful modern day trainers like Buck Brannaman, Warwick Schiller, and Pat Parelli to name a few. They believe that in order to have a true relationship with a horse you must understand how the horse thinks vs. how a human thinks, then communicate with them in the same manner that they communicate with each other. Natural Foundation Horsemanship uses horse psychology and techniques to get horses to perform co-operatively in the most natural, logical and efficient way possible.

Why is Natural Foundation Horsemanship Important?

In order to create great results with a horse regardless of your discipline, you must first establish a great relationship. A solid foundation is a must. Taking the time to learn to communicate in a way that your horse understands, will help you to discover ideal methods needed in order to attain successful goals..