About Lisa

 Lisa is the owner and operator of Natural Equine Connection located in Queensville, Ontario, Canada.                              Lisa is a professional horse trainer and instructor of 45 years, specializing in Foundation Horsemanship located in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Lisa’s passion for horses started at a very young age. She has rode, trained, bred and shown nationally in several English and Western disciplines. Lisa and her horses have earned several All-Around Championships in the American Quarter Horse Association, Ontario Appaloosa Horse Association, Canadian Snaffle Bit Association, and the Ontario Quarter Horse Breeders Futurity. In 2015 Lisa graduated the Equine Behavior program at the University of Guelph.

Over the years Lisa has studied under many great horsemen and has learned their philosophies, equipment choices, and better ways to support and maintain their horses mentally and physically and shares this information with her students. She strongly believes that foundation is vital for any discipline. Lisa regularly attends clinics and encourages her students to do so as well. She says it is important to step out of your comfort zone in order to progress and never stop learning as this is what we ask of our horses all the time. She wants to produce happy horses that love their work, and looks at horse welfare with a holistic natural approach. Lisa encourages her students to stay focused, work hard, build confidence, find solutions, knowing that anything is possible, and to never stop chasing your dreams.