1/2 inch neck rope cordeo vaquero beads for brideless training
Neck ropes are very popular in Natural Horsemanship when training horses to ride bridleless.
1/2" Neck Rope / Cordeo
1/2" Neck Rope / Cordeo
1/2" Neck Rope / Cordeo
1/2" Neck Rope / Cordeo
1/2" Neck Rope / Cordeo
1/2" Neck Rope / Cordeo
Neck Ropes, also known as a cordeo are a great tool used in bridless riding and Liberty horse training. The are available at Natural Equine Connection, Ontario, Canada. They come in different widths, sizes and colors. Custom horse training equipment is also offered.

1/2" Neck Rope / Cordeo

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Our 1/2" Horse Neck Ropes / Cordeos are the widest width that we offer. Great for bridleless riding / liberty, and groundwork training.Made in Canada MADE IN CANADA!!

Why Choose Our Neck Ropes?

All of our Neck Ropes are hand made in Canada with high quality yacht rope. We will NOT make any of our neck ropes with paracord as some do, because we find that paracord stretches and does not hold up well after time. We will only use paracord for decorative knots only.

Other widths are available with the option to add different colored braided knot / buttons to your liking in either paracord or leather.  Our standard Neck Rope comes with a braided knot / button of your choice around the tassel. Other braided accents are extra. Please contact directly for custom orders and pricing. Color and pricing Chart is below.

Cordeos Sizing - It is recommended to measure your horse for perfect fit. The neck rope should not be too long, and lay along the V of the horse's neck up to the withers. You can also place a string or rope around your horse's neck and sit in the saddle and see and feel what length is best for you. Once you have your measurements you then have the option to add braided knots beads if you wish.

Extra Small 50"

Small 54"

Average Horse 57"

Large / Warmblood 60"

Extra Large / Draft Cross 64"


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