27 Foot Ground Training Feather Driving Lines

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27 Foot Ground Training Feather Driving Lines
27 Foot Ground Training Feather Driving Lines
27 Foot Ground Training Feather Driving Lines
27 Foot Ground Training Feather Driving Lines

Our 27 foot horse ground training lines are perfect for refining your groundwork and driving. They are very versatile and can be used in multiple ways.

These lines are extremely light and offer a soft feel. It helps you along the way for great success in line driving, liberty, foal training, and can also be used for cinch/flank desensitizing by attaching a ring. The line is long enough to work as a handy catch rope or chest harness for a foal by running it over the foal’s back and between front legs, and up through halter loop. Helps to reduce risk of a foal flipping over.

Our ¼” feather lines are our lightest lines and are the same width of a rope halter. Our 3/8" Lines are a little thicker than the 1/4" line and are slightly heavier in weight.

Key Features:

  • One end has a hand spliced eye loop that can be attached directly to a halter or you have the option to attach a snap for easy convenience.
  • Hand-crafted with a weighted end and latigo leather popper.
  • Soft double braid 100% polyester yacht rope that is specifically engineered with horses in mind.
  • Withstands moisture, sweat, mildew, rot, weather elements, and is UV resistant.
  • Won’t stretch over time or become stiff.
  • Available separately or in sets of 2. Additional snaps or hardware are optional.

Braided colored knots in paracord or leather can also be added to personalize your equipment. Please contact directly for custom orders and pricing. Made in Canada!  Please Click Here for custom options and pricing

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