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Horse Photography Feather Halter Lead Line

Natural Equine Connection

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Horse Photography Feather Halter Lead Line

This thin adjustable horse halter is perfect for any equine photographer looking for an easy way to edit photos. Easily edited out with Photoshop.

Handmade from 1/4" double braid yacht rope with small stainless steel rings. Fits all sizes of ponies and horses and adjusts easily by the toggle cord stopper. The toggle stops the halter from becoming loose during the photo shoot. The ring on the end of the line is ideal for attaching a lead or lunge line to get good "free" action shots of the horse in motion from a distance.

How to use: Simply pull the rope through the ring which forms a figure 8 and place over the horses poll. Pull rope over horses nose and adjust toggle to secure. Voila!! You are now ready for your photo shoot. 

Made in Canada by Natural Equine Connection

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