Alpha Balm Organic Horse Care for Bacterial or Fungal Infections

Maria & Jo

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Alpha Balm is designed to address and effectively eliminate abscesses, thrush, mud fever, ringworm or any form of bacterial or fungal infection.
Alpha Balm is great for treating horses with Thrush, Mud Fever, and can be used as an ointment for fungal and bacterial infections.

Alpha Balm is a unique multi-purpose treatment horse care product that is scientifically formulated using some of nature’s most powerful substances. It is 100% organic making it safe for you and your horse. Designed to address and effectively eliminate thrush, mud fever, ringworm and other forms of bacterial and fungal infections.  It is created to adhere to problem areas whether it is the hoof or any area of the body.  Once applied it sticks to the treated area and delivers its healing properties for days or until visibly worn off. We formulated this product to eliminate the need for multiple treatment products, Alpha Balm will be the go to product in your tack box.  You can rest assured that once you have applied Alpha Balm your horse is healing because you’re giving him the best.

 Alpha Balms acts as:

  • Moisturize
  • Sun Blocker
  • Scar Treatment 
  • Eliminates Infections on Hooves and other parts of the body (scratches, cuts or wounds)
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Reduces discomfort, itchiness and sensitivities to the skin 
  • Detoxifier
  • Eliminates surface parasites , bacteria and fungus
  • Hoof Barrier against excess moisture and dirt
  • Restores and maintains healthy hooves
  • And MUCH MORE 

Alpha Balm has a very unique and powerful formula that can treat a variety of ailments by using the best raw materials from around the world such as: 

Black Salt: is extremely powerful at eliminating infections, killing bacteria and parasites. While black salt is being applied topically, it penetrates the skin, allowing your horse to absorb all of its potent 48 trace minerals needed to stay strong and fit. Black Salt boosts the immune system to prevent further infection.  It draws out puss, excess water and a number of other factors that promote infections.

Chamomile: crushed up German chamomile flowers are used directly in the balm to sooth, calm and reduce inflammation and itchiness that can lead to further discomfort.

B-1 Vitamin: a strong bacteria/ infection eliminator and is great at repelling insects. It is fantastic at helping with eliminating yeast related issues, including ringworm (fungal dermatitis), rashes, rain rot, etc.

Bamboo Charcoal: prevents blisters, irritations, dryness, itchiness, while it acts as an air portal and detoxifier. It allows the body to eliminate the bad while keeping any further harmful environmental factors out. It absorbs odors and additional moisture keeping purulent (pussy) and infected areas dry, but not overly dry, to maintain a perfect healing environment. It is great for treating abscesses, redness, irritations, and sensitivity. 

Bamboo Extract: containing over 70% Silica which is vital to restoring tissue integrity and bring it back to a healthy and nourished state. It helps reduces scars and infection relapses by removing the cellular memory of infections, bacterial invasions and injury.

Reishi Mushroom Extract: one of the most treasured mushrooms for its powerful preservation of longevity, health and overall well- being. It has long been used to treat cancer and any other serious ailments, due to its ability to kill harmful cells. It also balances the immune system, brings any tissue or living thing that it comes in contact with to a perfect state of healthy harmony.


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