Iconoclast Equine Orthopedic Boot Information

The entire line of Iconoclast® Boots were designed and endorsed by leading equine veterinarians and horsemen.


Iconoclast Orthopedic Support Boots

Iconoclast Orthopedic Support Boots are specifically designed to support and protect the suspensory and sesamoidial areas of the equine leg better than any other boot on the market. 

The Patented Orthopedic Wedge® design feature, working in conjunction with our patented Double Sling Strap, provides unparalleled 360-degree support of the equine leg. 

Never has this method of support been provided for the equine athlete through a strap on, non-restricting device. Iconoclast® Support Boots not only protect against flexion injury, but they also offer effective benefit during rehabilitation from previous injury.

Iconoclast Rehabilitation Boots were designed by horse trainers and leading veterinarians who were unsatisfied with the performance of every other support boot in the market place. The equine leg needs support and protection against the daily rigors of extreme physical activities and there has not been a boot that adequately meets those demands until now. The Iconoclast® Rehabilitation boot is a working recovery boot for horses that have sustained an injury or strain to the soft tissue (ligaments or tendons) of the lower limb. Working in conjunction with our patented Double Sling Straps® is our patented Orthopedic Wedge®, which is positioned against the back of the fetlock joint and the first phalanx (upper pastern).

The soft ergonomically designed Orthopedic Wedge® provides additional vertical support to the ligaments and tendons of the equine leg. This support is beneficial to aid in the recovery of damaged tissue. Proper use of this product in conjunction with other recommended modalities of treatment will reduce the opportunity of scar tissue development during recovery. Our Double Sling Straps® ensure proper stability of the wedge insert by providing balanced, 360-degree support which prevents hyperextension or over flexing of the sesamodial region.

Rehab boots are not compatable with overreach boots.

These boots are not recommended for use as performance boots.

They are designed to be used in rehabilitation and recovery only.

* Available ONLY in black.


Iconoclast Bell Boots

These boots are designed and manufactured with the same high quality standards given to our Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Boots. The Iconoclast® Bell Boots are specifically designed to prevent them from rotating while in use and they feature our stabilizing bar to ensure a secure fit and superior performance in order to offer maximum protection for your horse. Iconoclast® Bell Boots are the perfect compliment to any boot in our line for that added measure of protection.

“The Iconoclast® Support Boot offers more effective sesamoidial stability and suspensory support than any other boot I’ve encountered. I prescribe them to my clients with complete confidence and satisfaction in caring for their equine partners.”

Chris Ray DVM
Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery 
Weatherford, Texas

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