Custom Horse Rhythm Bead Options

Below are our most popular color Bead and Pendant options for you to choose from to create your one of a kind custom Horse Rhythm Bead Necklace. We can also make Mane, Tail, and Saddle Beads to match.


Take an adjustable measuring tape, string, or twine, and drape around horse or pony’s neck. Measure from in front of the withers and follow down the shoulder to lowest point of the neck where it meets the chest and back up to the withers. (See picture below) If measuring with a string or twine remove from neck, lay flat and then measure with a solid ruler.

The beads should sit comfortably on the horse, not tight or too loose that they hang low on horse’s chest. If using a breastplate or martingale it is suggested to measure with tack on.

The Rhythm Beads are adjustable to go approximately 6 – 7 inches larger if needed, but cannot adjust any smaller.
Please refer to picture below for proper placement.