Blocker Tie Ring Videos & Testimonials

1. Introduction

A brief look at traditional tying methods and the dangers of tying a horse solid. 

2. Why The Blocker Tie Ring

See the benefits of the Blocker Tie Ring and how it supports your horse. Ted shares his philosophy on tying horses.

3. Install & Use

Learn to install the Blocker Tie Ring on a post and review the three different tying levels.

4. Lead Rope

Tying options combined with different lead ropes offer varying amounts of hold.

5. Pull Back

Re-schooling horses with pull back problems and how those problems develop in the first place.

6. Tie Training

The Blocker Tie Ring helps train young horses to give to pressure, while allowing you to maintain control.

7. Trailer

Why the Blocker Tie Ring is safer for both you and your horse when trailering.

8. Horses that Untie

Find out how to use the Blocker Tie Ring with a horse that unties himself.

9. Testimonial: DVM

Dr. Justin Edwards explains how the Blocker Tie Ring is a safer choice for your horse.

10. Testimonial: Farrier

Darrell Schram, professional farrier for over 30 years, shares his reasons for using the Blocker Tie Ring.

11. Summary

The three factors of horse psychology that make the Blocker Tie Ring effective.