Horse Rhythm Beads Necklace, Trail Saddle Bells

My collection of Horse Rhythm Beads and Trail Saddle Bells are perfect to help calm anxious riders or nervous horses.

The Rhythm Beads are designed to fit around the horse's neck and create a soft jingle sound as the horse moves and the Saddle Beads attach directly to your Saddles Dee Rings.

The soft jingle of the bells helps to relax, build confidence, and create connection. Rhythm beads also give great feedback to the rider on the increase and decrease of rhythm of their horse. They are excellent for trail riding to give warning to wildlife and others, therefore there is less chance of spooking or surprises.

They are made of premium quality materials and are hand made in Canada by Natural Equine Connection. Our Rhythm Beads are way more than just a pretty horse necklace. They are extremely versatile and have many purposes. They are also sometimes referred to as Balance Beads, Speed Beads, Horse Medicine Beads, and Horse Beads.