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Review: Iconoclast Equine Orthopedic Support & Bell Boots

Before I recommend or add any new products to my online store I always use them on my own horses.

After purchasing a pair of Iconoclast Equine Orthopedic Support Boots and Bell Boots I was so impressed I decided to write a blog review. After using them it is obvious why these boots are so popular among top performance horse trainers and recommended by veterinarians. I had heard great things about Iconoclast over the past few years, but I had never taken the time to look into them until now. They also weren’t very accessible in Canada at the time. What got me thinking about them again was when I recently attended a Jimmy and Andrea Anderson clinic. I over heard Andrea explaining to one of the participants why their horse's leg protection wasn’t really doing anything for their horse. She went on to recommend the Iconoclast Performance Horse Support Boot Line for optimal leg protection and support. She then added that they are the only boots that they use. That is when I decided to investigate this product. After reading all about Iconoclast and watching raving tutorials by many top performance trainers and veterinarians I knew they were onto something. I then measured my horse using their chart, placed an order, and waited patiently until they arrived.

Iconoclast Orthopedic Performance Support BootsOn the day that they arrived I made my way to the barn to try them out on my horse. Both sets of boots were very easy to apply and fit my horse like a glove. I loved that the double sling straps on these boots supported the fetlock from both sides. I found that the Iconoclast boots uniquely offered equal amounts of support to both the inner and outer branch of the suspensory ligaments. I have only ever seen boots that wrap and attach from the outside to the inside of the leg. They also looked great, were not bulky, and came up nice and high on my horse’s leg. The Bell Boots were impressive looking as well and fit perfectly overtop the support boot.

I took my horse out into the arena and did some groundwork followed by riding and some obstacle work. I noticed that it did not change his movement and the Bell Boots remained stationary without twisting. In my training program my horses are sometimes asked to perform and execute difficult maneuvers, therefore the lower leg is put under a lot of stress. Im quite confident that these boots provide maximum support without hindering my horse's way of going or foot fall.

After my session I returned to the barn to untack and removed both sets of boots. To my surprise while removing the boots they hadn’t allowed any sand to go up into the boot. That to me was a HUGE bonus. The other boots that I usually use have allowed sand to gather on the inside of the boot which would cause some rubbing and some discomfort. The Bell Boots had stayed perfectly in place without rotating.

 As a trainer I am always looking for products that keep both horses and students safe. I know first hand that if a horse is under strain or takes one wrong step it can cause unimaginable damage and how long and stressful the recovery period can be. Its great to have found a product that I know was designed by veterinarians and professional performance riders that I can use myself and recommend to my students. In all of my years working with horses I have never come across anything that provides this type of support. 

Iconoclast Extra Tall Orthopedic Support Boots

I was so impressed with the Iconoclast Orthopedic Boots that I became a Canadian dealer. 

I can’t say enough great things about this product. They are now used daily in my barn and have definitely earned a special place in my online store.    I would highly recommend these boots to anyone.

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Below in this video are some testimonials from top performance trainers around the world who use and love these boots.


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