Telescoping 12' Pole or Wand for Liberty and Groundwork
Telescoping 12' Pole for Liberty and Groundwork

Telescoping 12' Pole or Wand for Liberty and Groundwork

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The 12' telescoping design of this pole is ideal for long range control.


  • Single Horse Liberty
  • Multiple Horse Liberty
  • Groundwork Suppling Online

Isn't it funny how much space/ground a horse can cover in just a 50' round corral? Sometimes you might not feel like you can be in the right place at the right time? If this sounds familiar, or, you are just one to enjoy exploring the possibilities with this fantastic addition to your tool box! Extend it out, cut a 4"x 4" square out of a plastic grocery bag with a tapering tail on one corner to thread through the eye and tie off, and voila, you're off to a whole new frontier of conversation with your horse. 

Though liberty has traditionally been the most popular use of this tool, some prefer using on a lunge line or working rope, where you can use it to lightly ask a horse to soften particular body parts.

For optimum performance, we suggest you are diligent about keeping dirt off of the telescoping stick to ensure that the segments continue to slide and collapse as designed. It should not sustain any impact. It can be used to lightly tap a horse. Always collapse from the bottom up, piece by piece. BE GENTLE - Its a reliable tool that does not tolerate abuse, careful care will keep it operating for a long time.