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Betty's Best Strip Hair Groomer is now new and improved. It is great for grooming dogs, cats, horses or any animal that sheds. It works as a massager removing dirt and dander while shining the coat at the same time.
The Strip Hair Original Groomer is by far the best grooming tool on the market! Horse love the feel of it!
Betty's Best Strip Hair Gentle Groomer is now revolutionizing the way horses, dogs, cats, and any animal that sheds are groomed.
Betty's Best Strip Hair Gentle Groomer is great for Horses, Dogs, Cat or any animal that sheds
Bettys Best Gentle Groomer is a must have at shedding time. It gently removes hair, dust, and dander and massages at the same time.
Betty;s Best Strip Hair Original is made of a flexible rubber compound material that feels amazing to your horse. It is revolutionizing the way that horses are now being groomed.
The StripHair Gentle Groomer has diamond shape rivets that are effective for getting out dirt, dander. It creates a magnificent shine to your horses coat with each stroke. Get yours today in Canada at Natural Equine Connection.

A convenient, all-in-one gentle groomer for horses, dogs, cats, or any animal that sheds. The Strip Hair offers multi-purpose functionality to groom, shed, shampoo, slick, shine and massage all areas of the body comfortably. StripHair will remove loose hair, dirt and dander while adding shine to the coat.


  • Material made from a proprietary natural rubber blend including natural oils for added performance and benefit. StripHair is durable, flexible, grippy and sanitary
  • Gentle Grooming Edge applies even, gentle pressure to “pop” dirt and dander to the surface while removing loose hair; scrapes off rinse water after shampooing
  • Effective Cleaning Diamonds comfortably dislodge dried mud, aerate a sweaty coat, loosen shedding hair and lather shampoo
  • Stimulates blood circulation to benefit the skin, coat and muscles
  • Distributes the skin’s natural oils throughout the coat producing softness and shine

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Made in the USA  | Color: Black | Length: 9in/22cm

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