Hybrid Halter With Lariat Nose
Hybrid Halter With Lariat Nose

Hybrid Halter With Lariat Nose

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Maximum Control of Any Hybrid Style

Struggling with a horse that has learned some bad habits on the ground? Resorting to a stud chain but want a gentler way? Want to ride in a halter/bosal while staying in control? The Lariat Hybrid is just the ticket for your needs if you answered yes! Each Lariat Hybrid is handcrafted using a special XX-Soft Lariat rope and will be soft wearing and comfortable for your horse, while giving you the maximum control to correct pushiness, charging and pulling away.

WHY do you need a Patented Hybrid Halter?

  • Horse can’t push on you like they can in a web halter
  • Horse can't push through it with their nose like they can in a rope halter
  • ELIMINATES the need for a chain
  • Cross tie in it & personalize it like a web halter
  • The 180 degree slide ring action discourages your horse from torqueing his head while lunging
  • You will always have control of your horse’s nose
  • Take it on and off like a bridle thanks to the throatlatch snap, no buckling or knots
  • Saves hours a day over multiple horses just in on/off time alone!
  • Unlike a rope halter, the knots won't tighten in a pullback situation
  • Can be ridden in and will have a sidepull type action
  • The application of pressure, its angle and its release translates directly to the bridle with no chance for bad habits to develop on the ground.