The Blocker Tie Ring has revolutionized how people tie their horses in the safest way possible. It is great for horse trailers, crossties, wash racks or anywhere that you need to tie your horse.
The Blocker Tie Ring is the safest and most convenient way to tie horses. Great for cross ties, wash stalls, trailers or anywhere that you want to tie your horse.
The Blocker Tie Ring is the safest way to tie your horse. Safety is of the upmost importance when consider how you should tie your horse safely.
The Blocker Tie Ring is by far the best way to tie a horse safely. The Blocker Tie Ring is a huge benefit when teaching a horse to tie. Take it anywhere. where you need to tie a horse
The Blocker Tie Ring has 3 different hold preferences to help to aid in training horses to learn how to tie.

Blocker Tie Ring with Mag-Loc

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The Blocker Tie Ring is the world's safest way to tie a horse. It is very easy to use, convenient, and no installation is required, The Blocker Tie Ring goes with you everywhere! Safety is first and foremost the most important factor for you and your horse. What better way to do that, than to use Blocker Tie Ring in your barn, crossties, wash racks, hitching posts, inside and outside of horse trailers or anywhere that you want to tie. Trainers love this Tie Ring because of the 3 tying hold options: Mild, Medium, & Firm. When training your horse to tie it is recommended to start using the mild hold option. Training, Tying tips and Videos are below. The Blocker Tie Ring will change the way you tie your horse forever!

The Blocker Tie Ring II with Mag-Loc features:

  • A special quick snap with a tapered back that allows you to easily clip the tie ring to existing tie hooks and move it quickly as needed from place to place.
  • A magnet to keep the tongue of the tie ring in place.
  • Allows for an even greater range of uses, including upside down on hitch rails!
  • Compact size that is perfect where space is tight, like in the horse trailer.
  • Comes complete with a quick snap, eye bolt and complete instructions on use.

Choose from Chrome or our best seller Stainless Steel. 

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