Our 22 foot lariat comes with a solid brass swivel snap and is a great training tool

22' Snap Lariat

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A Horse Education Company original, this 22' lariat is a great alternative to a heavier yachting braid rope.

    You'll love this 22' Snap Lariat as a versatile alternative to a soft yachting braid rope. Wet conditions or morning dew? This lariat won't get soggy. Weeds, grass burrs or thistles in the pasture? Don't worry, it won't pick up pricklies! Rocky terrain? Bring it! It won't snag! 

    Students also report loving that it helps them get comfortable with having a lariat in their hands and help builds rope skills in a manageable way. Handmade in the USA by one of the most innovative rope makers, specifically to the Horse Education Company's specifications that it be extra, extra soft.

    Features a solid brass swivel snap that has the perfect heft for control, but won't clank around your horse's jaw. Also great for ground driving lines, choose one of each color for an easy way to keep your lines straight during turns, changes of direction, etc.