Pegasus Air Boots

Pegasus Air Boots

Pegasus Air Boot

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Pegasus Equine Air Boots are quality horse performance support boots that are used wordwide by top horsemen and horse trainers. They are easy to apply and come in many colors.
These Pegasus Support Airboots are available in black with red trim.
Pegasus Air Boots come in a variety of colors and are sold in a set. They offer great support to your horses legs.

Since 2002, the Pegasus Air Boot has been proving to be a perfect support boot for every horse regardless of discipline. They are a high quality, breathable leg support boot used and recommended by top veterinarians and trainers around the world. Great horsemen like Josh Lyons, Michael Lyons, and Craig Cameron have given raving testimonials about the Pegasus Air Boots.

How are Pegasus Air Boots different to other support boots?
  • Veterinarians have found that the Air boots have similar benefits of properly applied vet wrap.
  • A  more natural, holistic approach to leg support, with time-saving conveniences
  • User friendly​ that allows FAST, EASY application, eliminating the inconvenience of adjusting  and re-adjusting multiple straps
  • Simple sizing. Perfectly fits horses between 14 to 18  hands
  • They can be used on FRONT or HIND legs.
  • The fully adjustable Air boot offers and extends 10mm of protection from the delicate splint area  to the outside of the leg, in a unique conforming overlap. Custom fits and  seals OUT the  dirt.
  • The Inner Velcro Panel assures secure, even support, preventing pressure points, and restricted blood flow.  The soft inner SPLINT PAD cushions tendons and absorbs the stress of high impact concussion. The Fetlock Strap provides an upward lift to cradle the sesamodial area.
  • ​Air boots are very breathable. They are constructed of  the highest quality, closed cell neoprene to allow heat and sweat to dissipate. These lighter, more responsive materials allow proper freedom of movement.
  • You'll appreciate the exceptional quality, fine craftsmanship, and thoughtful details  that make the Air boots a pleasure to own. Reinforced straps prevent velcro from fraying, increasing the life of your boots. No other horse boot has so many sensible features!

Testimonial of Pegasus Air Boot Josh Lyons Video below

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Testimonial Craig Cameron of the Pegasus Air Boot  Below

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